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Currently (as of today - March 23, 2023) there are 223 cruise sailings out of Galveston, TX (from which 185 are in 2023 and 38 are in 2024). In the following paragraphs you'll find a detailed overview of all those cruise options. If you're just looking to see the listing of the 223 sailings, please click on one of the 3 buttons on the right side - either on "View Sailings Sorted By Departure Date" (good for viewing last minute Galveston cruise deals), "View Sailings Sorted By Price Per Day" or "View Sailings Grouped By Itineraries".

Regions and Prices

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Panama Canal

In the upcoming year, the most affordable month for booking a cruise vacation that leaves from Galveston and visits Bahamas is February of 2024, with prices starting from $554. For Caribbean you can book cruises in January of 2024 starting from $296. For Panama Canal you can book cruises in January of 2024 starting from $1659.

You can click on links in the table above to view the cruise options for the given region in a given month. You can also click on the "Next Month" and "Previous Month" links at the top of the table to shift the window of months that are displayed.

Cheap Cruises From Galveston

Since Galveston cruises have various durations (7 days, 5 days and other durations - see below), the best way to compare cruise prices is to do that on price-per-day bases. The following table shows Galveston cruises in the upcoming 12 months sorted by price per day. You can use this table to find the best cruise deals from Galveston.

Ship Days Price $/Day View
Jan. 15, 2024 Carnival Breeze 5 $296 $59 View
Feb. 3, 2024 Carnival Breeze 5 $306 $61 View
Jan. 6, 2024 Carnival Breeze 5 $326 $65 View
Jan. 29, 2024 Carnival Breeze 5 $326 $65 View
Feb. 4, 2024 Carnival Dream 6 $394 $66 View
Oct. 28, 2023 Carnival Breeze 5 $329 $66 View
Nov. 26, 2023 Carnival Dream 6 $399 $67 View
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The most discounted Galveston cruise starts at $59 per day. There is one such sailing at that price point, the one on January 15, 2024 (5 nights Galveston round-trip itinerary on Carnival Breeze).

If you want to see the listing of all 223 Galveston sailings sorted by price per day, you can click on 'View All Cruises Sorted By Price Per Day' link at the bottom of the table above.

Cruise Lines out of Galveston

There are only two cruise lines - Carnival and Royal Caribbean - that offer cruises that depart from the Port of Galveston.

Cruise Line Number of
Average Price
Per Day
Number of
Carnival 160 12 $113 3
Royal Caribbean 63 14 $147 4

Carnival Cruises Out Of Galveston

Carnival offers the most sailings out of Galveston - 160 cruise options. It offers 12 distinct itineraries out of Galveston, serviced on 3 cruise ships (Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream and Carnival Vista). The average price per person per day for Carnival cruises is $113.

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Royal Caribbean Cruises Out Of Galveston

Royal Caribbean offers 63 cruise options out of Galveston. It offers 14 distinct itineraries and has 4 cruise ships sailing out of Galveston. The average price per person per day for Royal Caribbean cruises is $147.

View all Royal Caribbean Cruises From Galveston.

Cruise Ships out of Galveston

There are 7 cruise ships that offer sailings that depart from the Galveston cruise terminal.

Cruise Ship Year
Number of
Average Price
Per Day
Carnival Breeze 2012 77 3 $117
Carnival Dream 2009 50 6 $110
Carnival Vista 2016 33 3 $111
Allure of the Seas 2010 30 3 $145
Harmony of the Seas 2016 21 5 $111
Adventure of the Seas 2001 8 2 $350
Radiance of the Seas 2001 4 4 $104

Carnival Breeze, which was built in 2012 and accommodates approximately 3700 passengers, offers the most sailings out of Galveston - 77 of them. It features 3 distinct itineraries and the average price (per person per day) of its sailings is $117.

Carnival Dream, built in 2009 with capacity of approximately 3600 passengers, offers 50 sailings out of Galveston. It features 6 distinct itineraries and the average price (per person per day) of its sailings is $110.

Carnival Vista, which started sailing in 2016 and accommodates approximately 3900 passengers, offers 33 sailings. It features 3 distinct itineraries and the average price (per person per day) of its sailings is $111.

Allure of the Seas offers 30 cruises using 3 distinct itineraries, Harmony of the Seas offers 21 cruises using 5 distinct itineraries, Adventure of the Seas offers 8 cruises using 2 distinct itineraries and Radiance of the Seas offers 4 cruises using 4 distinct itineraries.

Duration of Cruises

Almost all cruise sailings scheduled out of Galveston are 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days, 8 days, 9 days or 14 days long. The following table summarizes those options:

Duration Number of
Average Price
Per Day
7 Days / 7 Nights 82 9 $123
5 Days / 5 Nights 57 3 $139
4 Days / 4 Nights 29 3 $140
6 Days / 6 Nights 26 4 $101
8 Days / 8 Nights 24 2 $114
14 Days / 14 Nights 2 2 $122
9 Days / 9 Nights 1 1 $103
Other Durations 1

The most popular duration of cruises traveling out of Galveston is 7 days (7 nights) long. There are 82 such cruises featuring 9 distinct itineraries. The average per-person-per-day price of those sailings is $123.

There are 57 cruise sailings that are 5 days (5 nights) long. They feature 3 distinct itineraries and the average price of those sailings is $139.

Among cruises that sail out of Galveston you can also find 4 day cruises (29 sailings), 6 day cruises (26 sailings), 8 day cruises (24 sailings), 14 day cruises (2 sailings) and 9 day cruises (1 sailing).

Even though many people ask about them, cruise lines do not offer any 2 day or 3 day cruises out of Galveston.

Ports of Call

There are 31 distinct ports that are visited by cruises that leave from Galveston. The following table shows these ports:

Port of Call Number of
Cozumel Island, Mexico 197 22
Fun Day at Sea 160 12
Costa Maya, Mexico 105 15
Roatan, Bay Islands 71 10
Cruising 63 14
Belize City, Belize 38 4
Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico 31 2
Key West, Florida 25 3
Freeport, Bahamas 24 2
Nassau, Bahamas 24 2
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas 22 1
George Town, Cayman Islands 18 3
Other Ports Less than 18

Among cruises that leave from Galveston there are 197 cruises (22 distinct itineraries) that visit Cozumel Island, Mexico. Fun Day at Sea, on the other hand, is visited by 160 cruises on 12 distinct itineraries. There are 105 cruises that visit Costa Maya, Mexico on 15 itineraries.

Some of the other more popular ports of call for Galveston cruises are Roatan, Bay Islands (71 sailings), Cruising (63 sailings), Belize City, Belize (38 sailings) and Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico (31 sailings).

Things to See and Do in Galveston

There are many interesting things you can see and do while you're in Galveston either before or after your cruise. Here are some places that are worth a visit:
  • The Strand District, which is considered Galveston's social center, has many galleries, small local shops (where you can find interesting antique items), restaurants and beautiful Victorian buildings.

  • Moody Gardens is another must-see place in Galveston, especially if you travel with kids. Here you can see a huge aquarium with many memorable marine species and a 12-story high pyramid where you can experience what a rain forest feels like. Here you can also see fun 3-D movies and enjoy other interesting activities.

  • Grand Opera House - a historic and beautiful theater - is a nice venue where you can experience a great play or a musical before/after your cruise. It's a small and intimate place, but has great acoustics.

  • The ship ELISSA - from 1877 - is tall, beautiful old ship that attracts tourists from all over the world. Here you can see where the ship crew slept, where the food was prepared and how ship officers lived in 19th century. There is also a museum that details the history of the ship.

  • The Seawall is nice place to take a stroll as well as just to sit and enjoy the waves of the Gulf of Mexico. It has an interesting history as it was built after the Galveston hurricanes of 1900 and 1915.

  • Lone Star Flight Museum has a nice collection of old classic planes. For a fee, you can even fly in one of the planes and view Galveston landmarks from the air.

  • The NASA Space Center, while a bit away from the Galveston, is definitely worth a visit if you have a bit extra time. Here you can see the actual spacecrafts that flew into the space, explore how astronauts live and get the answers to all the questions that you had about space travel.

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